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When shopping for Deluxe Massage Chairs Online, look no further than Best Sleep Centre. Treat yourself and get the benefit of a massage therapist in only 15 minutes with this Deluxe premium full-body massage recliner. Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair with: Full body massage, heating therapy, bluetooth speakers and HD digital controller, etc.

A few factors to consider when buying a massage chair

Massage Chairs have come a long way since their introduction in the early 1950’s. Massage Chairs have evolved into medical devices that can sense and accommodate any individual user preferences. Using technologies like optical and pressure sensors, many of today’s Massage Chairs use personal information to customize the range of the rollers so they perfectly fit your height and body contour. These modern-day Massage Chairs are packed with features like an L-Track, full body stretching, Zero Gravity, and more.

A massage chair is an investment which will make your life better.

Read David’s Blog on Massage Chairs and Read the manual. CALL TO ORDER

Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair
Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair
  • 10 Sets Of Auto Massage Programs, Sleeping & Stretching Modes
  • SL Shape Super Long Massage Track, 128CM
  • Full Body Airbags Massage
  • Auto Body Scan Technology
  • U shape pillow, head massage
  • Back And Seat Heating Therapy
  • Footrest Extension, Max Is 20cm
  • Foot Rolling Scraping Massage
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • One Button Start Sliding Forward Movement
  • Space-Saving Technology, 8cm Against To The Wall
  • 3D Massage experience
  • Bluetooth Music
  • USB Charging Port For Mobile Phone
  • The Intensity of Airbags, 6 Different Levels
  • The Speed Of massage, 6 Different Levels
  • Setting Time, From 5 Minutes To 45 Minutes
  • The Position of Massage, Whole Back, Part, Point

Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair

  • Massage Rollers: 4
  • Bluetooth Music: Yes
  • Roller type (S, L,SL track) How many cm?: SL, 128cm
  • Air bag Quantity: Head 6pcs | Shoulders 4pcs | Hands & Arms 8pcs | Waist 4pcs | Feet 16pcs | Calves 10pcs | Total 48pcs
  • Auto programs: 10
  • Massage intensities: 6 levels
  • Air bag strengths: 6 levels
  • Heating: Back and Hips 60 ℃
  • Body Scan: Yes
  • Carton size: 145x84x112cm
  • Incline dimension: 179x77x96cm
  • Upright dimension: 144x77x122cm
  • Surface material: Ultra soft and durable synthetic leather upholstery
  • NW/GW: 116/136KG
  • Zero Wall: 8cm
  • Leg Extension: 20cm
  • Zero gravity: Yes
  • Rated power, voltage: 220W, 110V or 220~240V
  • Heating Temperature: Maximum 60°C
  • Foot roller massage: 3 Rollers each Side, Total: 6 Rollers
  • Remote Control: TFT Screen
  • Weight of unit: 255 lbs.
  • Use 1 cycle per day this chair will last 21.92 years by standard tests

Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair

  • 1 year on parts & labor.
  • 3 years on parts.
  • Full in-home service available anywhere in Canada or the USA.

*Additional 3rd party warranty available for $399.99

Reluex Re-H881 3D Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair

With every Massage Chair purchase, we will video call you when received to fully explain the features of your new massage chair.

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