Our Exclusive Guarantee of Satisfaction

As our guarantee of satisfaction to you, we offer a Comfort Guarantee exchange for 120 nights sleep. After you have owned your pillow(s) and/or sheets for a period of at least 55* days (as it can take time to adjust to a new bed) but not more than 120 days, and you conclude that your pillow(s) and/or sheets is not right for you, we will gladly exchange your pillow(s) and/or sheets for another pillow(s) and/or sheets of the same size of your choice.

The pillow(s) and/or sheets you choose should be the same cost or more than your original purchase with any difference being the customer’s responsibility.

There will be new delivery fees applied plus GST for exchanging your pillow(s) and/or sheets. You may choose to deliver your original pillow(s) and/or sheets to the approved drop off point and pick up your new one at no additional delivery charges. Please contact your store to arrange drop-off and pick-up locations.

All pillow(s) and/or sheets must be in pristine condition when exchanged, and all factory and law tags must still be attached to the pillow(s) and/or sheets. Any stains will void the Comfort Guarantee and your Warranty. Comfort Guarantees must be done only with the original sales person, so consistency of service is maintained.

*We will exchange your pillow(s) and/or sheets before 55 days if you ask, but please understand that this policy is for your benefit. Five percent of people who buy new pillow(s) and/or sheets dislike it for up to 30 days, and only approximately one percent chooses to have it exchanged after 55 days. It is a proven fact that customers who go through the entire 55-day process with us are the happiest. Each customer is entitled to only one Comfort Guarantee and all exchanges made are final.

In Service,
David Keam
President – Best Sleep ZZZ